Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do you like Harry Potter?

How about a Hogwart's Theme Park?  I hadn't heard anything about this, but I've got to say it looks cool. Thanks to Reading Rocks for the heads up on this.

Here are some digital representations of what the amusement park would look like.

hogwarts theme park 
hogsmeade theme park 
Hogsmeade Village
Be sure to head over to Reading Rocks for their 7 Days of Harry Potter Event. Also go to Universal Studio's website to get official information.


  1. This looks promising, though I rarely go to theme parks. But maybe the next time I'm in Florida, I'll check it out (granted, it has to be open first).

    - Mik @ I Am Nonfiction

  2. I'm not really into Harry Potter but i hope my son will read want to read them someday.
    Oh and come on over and get your award! :0)

  3. If you haven’t heard yet, your blog was mentioned as A Book Blogger’s New Discovery by Debbie's World of Books .

    Come check it out!

  4. I have been following this for a year and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am really EXCITED and this! I will be going.... and uh.... yeah.... I am 42.

    Loved all the books, read them with my teenage boys.

  5. Honestly, I think it is a good idea. They are going to make millions off of this, and I have to say that I wouldn't mind going myself.

  6. I just wonder what kind of attractions they will have? Is it just going to be shops, or will there be rides?...

  7. So cool! I have been wondering if they'd make a theme park since the 5th book came out. I would totally go, because my husband is obsessed. Obsessed.

    Okay, not that obsessed, but still.

    I think it would probably be shops with HP paraphernalia. Rides would probably include some of those Star Wars-esque movie experience things. Maybe a Snitch rollercoaster ride? Probably a Dumbo-like broomstick ride. I can see that.

  8. The rides are things such as "flight of the hippogrif" roller coaster and "the incredible journey". There will also be many things mentioned in the books, such as the 3 broomsticks (the pub) and also the joke shop and the wand shop (ollivanders). I think that his theme park is too good to be true!


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