Friday, January 21, 2011

Doing the Bloggiesta

It's bloggiesta time again! I've got a fantastic laundry list of items that need to be completed. (And laundry, but I'm not counting that for this particular challenge.)

Want to join in the fun? Head on over to Maw Books and sign up!

  1. Update Reviews on Goodreads
  2. Update Reviews on Amazon
  3. Clean up email inbox
  4. Fix tags
  5. Add Book Blogger Confidential to menu bar
  6. Go through blog roll and clean up
  7. Update review policy, about me page, and advertising page
  8. Write 10 reviews
  9. Write blogger confidential posts
  10. Write 2 discussion posts
  11. Organize bookshelves
  12. Update Review by Title page
  13. Update Review by Author page
  14. Create local author signing calendar, page or something
  15. Change blogger accounts from old email to new one.


  1. Great job thus far Emily! And let us know if you do the author signing page.

  2. Great goals! I'll have to investigate some of these...thanks!

  3. The more I hear about Bloggiesta, the more I think I should do it. It's a good motivator for me to fix a lot of what I want fixed on the blog, to make some changes, and to talk with people who can commiserate about how tedious it can be sometimes!

  4. Great list. Updating my review archives and blog policies were part of my goals too. It's something that I need to keep up on more regularly. Good luck with the rest of the weekend!


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