Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy: Review

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
By: Christopher Healy

It seems like only the princesses get the recognition these days, and the Princes Charming are fed up. Liam, Frederic, Duncan and Gustav all had a part in saving Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel. But, the songs the minstrels sing are all about the girls! So, when circumstances bring the princes together, they work to uncover a plot that could be the end of their kingdoms. And, hopefully set the record straight.

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is an incredibly silly middle grade novel. Each prince has a very distinct and quirky personality. I loved the introductions to each one of them and their version of the "real story." And this book isn't your ordinary princess/prince book. There is a lot of goofy humor and slapstick-type comedy.

The story does drag a bit in places, as there are many characters to keep track of, and each needs an equal share of page time. I also felt like there were moments where the humor was just a little too goofy. But then again, I'm a 20-something girl; I am hardly the target audience. I also felt like the book could have benefited from a lot more pictures. And why does the cover only show two of the princes?!

This book is a great fit for elementary school boys. It's charming, funny, and a welcomed addition to the fractured fairytale genre.

Update: Turns out the entire cover does show all of the princes. You can click to enlarge and see what the finished cover looks like.



  1. I've been looking for a book to read to my 6 yr old. She's very girly and loves princess, I think she might get a kick out of this, all the better if it's funny. I love to hear her laugh. Thanks for the review.

    1. She'll probably really enjoy it. It's very funny. And the princesses are awesome!

  2. Yay for princes! Now we just need one for older readers.


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