Thursday, January 3, 2013

Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans: Review

Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans
Level 2
by: Lenore Appelhans

Felicia is dead. Ever since her death, she has been stuck in Level 2, a stark white world where the dead go to sort out their memories and move on. The only trouble is, people aren't moving on. As Felicia relives her life over and over again, she is in a state of bliss. Until Julian shows up and introduces her to the rebellion that will overthrow the Morati and their hold on Level 2.

I have been reading Lenore's blog for years now. And, we met at BEA in 2011 and 2012. I've been excited about her novel since she announced it. Just thought I'd get all that stuff out of the way.

My first impressions of Level 2 was that it was a dystopian novel. However, it should be made perfectly clear that this is a novel about the afterlife, with a few dystopian elements. Meaning that the society (of souls after death) is supposed to be perfect, but holds some very dark secrets.

Memories are used as currency. Those memories that the dead wish to make public are uploaded into the system. Others are then able to slip into the memories and relive them. They can rate them, and the user who uploaded the video is given credits based on how many times their memories are viewed. Then the uploader can either relive their own memories, or use their credits to relive another soul's memory. There are limitations; for instance, you can't view memories that occurred before you lived.

I hope that explanation helped, because I honestly couldn't figure out what was going on until about page 100. I held on because I really enjoyed Felicia's memories and learning about her life on earth. The world in Level 2 was a little harder for me to connect to and enjoy because I simply couldn't figure out what it was for a good portion of the novel.

But, there were a lot of things to love about Level 2. Learning about Felicia through her memories and even how many times they have been viewed and which ones were private was absolutely fascinating. Her interactions with Julian both on earth and in Level 2 were complex and very twisty. And her romance with Neil (who is shown in her memories), is sweet and lovely. Also, once I got a handle on what was really going on in Level 2, I was very drawn into the seedy underbelly of the afterlife.

Try this one if you're looking for a very unique take on the afterlife. I'll definitely be looking out for the next one in the series!



  1. I really like the unique concept of this book. It sounds so fascinating! I can't wait to dive into this strange world so I can get to know Felicia :) Great review!


    1. You'll have to let me know what you think if you read it!

  2. I enjoyed this book too. Great review ;)

  3. Oooh! This looks really fantastic! Currently on the to-read list :) Great review, Emily!


  4. To be honest, I am still confused! I might pick this one up to figure out the whole memory/currency thing, haha. It does sound interesting and I am glad you enjoyed. Also, a fellow blogger/author? Heck yes!

    Thanks for putting this on my radar and great review! :)

  5. I absolutely love this book! It is only January but it is one of my favorite books of the year.


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