Monday, January 21, 2013

The Archived by Victoria Schwab: Review

The Archived by Victoria Schwab
The Archived
by: Victoria Schwab

There is a place, hidden in cracks and crevices where the dead rest on shelves like books. Their stories available to those who can read them. Librarians watch over the stacks of Histories. The Keepers return the occasionally History that just won't rest. Mackenzie is a Keeper, like her grandfather before her. The job of Keeper has always been dangerous, but when the number of restless histories increases and pieces of the Archived are erased all together, Mackenzie has to figure out what's going on, or risk the crumbling of the entire Archive.

As with almost all novels dealing with the difficult subject of death, The Archived is sad. Mackenzie and her family are dealing with the loss of her little brother. It's the kind of loss that really makes you ache. There isn't any replacing someone that you loved so much, especially when they are taken too soon. And that ache definitely pulses through the pages. So, when Mackenzie spends time sitting by her brother's spot on the shelf, you can't help but wish you were there with her.

I'm always skeptical about novels relating to the afterlife. I haven't found many that have really connected with me. The world shown in The Archived is imaginative, descriptive, and haunting. Because when we die, what are we really besides the memory and history that we leave behind?

There is plenty of action, mystery and just a little pinch of romance. The Archived, even with its sad moments is wonderfully hopeful. Even though the sting of death is real for those who are left behind, the memories of them are still with us. And time lessens the hurt and with time, the bitterness fades and the taste that is left is sweet.



  1. I loved The Near Witch, so I'm glad you enjoyed this one as well.

  2. It really does sounds emotional and sad, but I am very curious about the Archive. I will have to keep some tissues handy. Wonderful review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. It sounds rather fascinating, though the thought of the dead little brother makes me anxious (before I had kids of my own, I was so much more blase!)

  4. Beautiful cover and looks like a good read!

  5. I agree with you regarding books talking about the afterlife. It's so hard to tackle that issue without either getting into the minefield of religion or just being trite. I thought that this book took a very creative view of it and it ended up being a very touching and interesting story.


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