Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Posted June 21, 2009 by Emily in Uncategorized / 9 Comments

I had a productive weekend of blog maintaince. Taking the weekend was totally worth it. I feel like my site reflects a lot more of who I am and has a much cleaner look. Here’s the run down of the weekend.


  • Designed background
  • Designed Header
  • Attempted to upload header
  • Added Tweeple, cleaned up google reader
  • Planned future posts
  • Brainstormed meme and award ideas

Total Hours: 6


  • Uploaded new site design including header and background. I think it looks fabulous!
  • Fixed all sidebars and links
  • Created and uploaded new Favicon
  • Created a gravatar account
  • Did a web grader analysis. Then, implemented changes
  • Helped out with technical stuff on Twitter
  • Read through comments and started responding through email.
  • Updated Goodreads
  • Made comments on social networking sites.

Goals: Will be updated 6/21 am

  • 10/10 New Subscribers (Thanks everyone! I’ve got 35 total. Not bad for one month of blogging)
  • 20/15 New Comments (This isn’t counting the mini-challenge, btw)
  • 1/10 Backup Posts

Total Time: 10 hours

Mini Challenges Completed:

Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog: Cleaning up Google Reader
Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Reading?: Creating Favicons and Gravatars
Michelle at Galley Smith: Correctly Using Anchor Text
Ruth at Bookish Ruth: Grading Your Website

Comments Left: Probably about 10. I will do follow-up comments later, promise

Tweets Sent: Hundreds. I’ll have to count another time, lol.

TOTAL Hours: 16

My favorite part of the Bloggiesta was getting that formatting change done. Now, I’ve got to do some updating on my other book challenges, and most importantly, get some reading done!


9 responses to “Bloggiesta Wrap Up

  1. Mik

    Congrats on completing Bloggiesta! Your new layout looks all bright and cheery and ready for Summer. :] You managed to do quite a lot! Good job.

  2. Great job. I really like what you've done on your blog, especially your header and favicon. Thanks for your help on the favicon thing. I'm still working on that, but at least I got some other stuff done.
    Woo hoo! Doesn't it feel great to accomplish stuff?

  3. Congrats on all the stuff you got done. Its Sunday morning in Denmark right now, and I am going to do some more Bloggiesta-stuff today as well, surely it cannot be over, can it?

  4. I'm so far behind! I did my the feedreader mini-challenge and yet this week the number of threads in my feeds crept right back up! My apologies for the tardiness of this reply.

    Congratulations on a great job. You were super productive!

  5. I'm behind in stopping by and saying thank you so much for participating in the Bloggiesta. I had so much fun and it sounds like everybody, yourself included, got a lot accomplished.

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