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How do you get the “You might also like” pics under each post?

This is so super easy. All you have to do is go to the LinkWithin Website and it will show you how to set it up. This is a great widget, I get a lot of click to other posts from it.

How to have numberings on comments? What should I change in the HTML?

That isn’t too complicated to do. I found a tutorial at that should explain how to do it pretty simply.

Okay it is not about design, not about HTML but about posting a “short” link when you want
to have someone come check out a post. Rather than posting  example (here is my post: how do you just shorten this URL in the comment to a few underlined words like Here is mine and it will click over to the blog site post?

jackie b central texas

I am assuming that you want to know the code for how to make links in comments. So that when you post this:

Here is my post

It looks like this:

Here is my post

All you have to do is type in this code:

<a href=”“>Here is my post</a>

Obviously, you will change the text in red to the link and text that you want to show up.

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  1. I have a question related to the Link Within Widget. I tried it and found that it was linking to posts that were not even related to the content. Do you think that matters? Is there a way to have it link to more relevant content?

  2. Teresa, I've emailed the people at Link Within widget to see what they use to determine which posts it links to. I'll see what they say and let you know.

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