Bookstores are obsolete?

Posted January 11, 2011 by Emily in Uncategorized / 16 Comments

The Huffington Post did an article on 20 Things That Became Obsolete in the Last Decade. I’m pretty young (shhh… don’t tell anyone) so a lot of these things I absolutely agree with.  Although, I will say that in my job I use a fax machine still pretty much daily. I also have a number of catalogs delivered to my home for decorating inspiration.

Also, number 5 on the list? Bookstores. Agree or disagree?


16 responses to “Bookstores are obsolete?

  1. I think people still like bookstores and still NEED bookstores. But I also think that people probably buy the majority of their books from online sources.

    Also, did you hear that Borders is near bankruptcy? NOOOO!!!

  2. Someone forgot to tell the catalog companies that they are obsolete…I still get at least one a day.

    I don't see that bookstores will ever be obsolete. True, I buy or get most of my books online but that is because I am a voracious reader. The casual reader isn't as likely to give up perusing a bookstore for their 1.2 books read a year.

  3. very strongly disagree, while I think there are some who are big on online ordering I think many, myself included enjoy going to the store to see what grabs my eye or what I'm dying to read.

  4. I disagree… for the moment. However, as previous commenters stated, online bookstores are gaining in popularity, as well as e-readers like the Kindle and Nook. I don't believe that bookstores are obsolete quite yet, but I think that sometime in the future they will either cease to exist, or become an entirely different sort of environment.


  5. Well I sure hope not! I use them all the time for gifts. I also use online ones too but it's the same for all shopping. I use both online and instore for much shopping so please keep 'em!

  6. I think there's definitely still a need for book stores! Even though I do buy lots of books online, there's something really lovely about browsing through a bookshop and picking up a random read you mmight not have discovered. Round my home in the UK, a lot of Waterstones are closing down, which is such a shame 🙁 In the future bookstores might face a struggle though.

  7. I disagree too … there's no comparison between browsing online and in an actual bookstore. No matter how hard I try, I can never keep away from the bookstore too long 🙂

  8. Whaaaat? That list is crazy. Watches? Catalogs? The separation between work life and personal life? (That last one just made me sad!)

    Although as I continued through the list… a lot of those things are gone, baby gone. Yellow pages? Landline phones? See ya later!

    I hate to say that I think they could be on the right track about book stores. I just wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE book store (Treehouse Books in Holland, MI) that just went out of business. It's hard to keep up with the Amazons and B&Ns!

  9. I disagree. There are still music stores, even though most people don't buy CDs anymore. I think strong bookstores will survive, because most people who are book lovers love browsing a book store and discovering new books. I gander publishers will still print books for several more years, just perhaps they're putting out more e-books than paper books.

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