Blogger Confidential: Keeping Content Fresh

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Have you ever been faced with an issue while reading or blogging and thought: I wonder what other bloggers think about this?  No matter what genre or audience you blog for, we all face the same problems.  Are you a publisher or author wondering what goes on in a blogger’s (and by extension a reader’s) head?

Blogger confidential is a series of 9 questions asked to 10 bloggers about the nitty gritty details of blogging. Everything from what prompts a blogger to pick up a book, to what happens when a book doesn’t live up to its hype.  This series was inspired by Wastepaper Prose’s Author Insight series.

New ideas can be hard to come by in blogging, so how do you ensure your content is fresh?

“I can’t ensure anything is fresh, LOL. But, I do try to maintain strict guidelines on what I post. I won’t post regurgitated material that is sent by publishers, or go heavy on the memes. I try to get ideas from readers, that sort of thing.” Rachel from Parajunkee

“With reviews it’s a bit easier for me because obviously, no review of two different books is going to be the same. When I change books, my thoughts tend to change as well as they get accustomed to the new world and characters. It gets harder when you participate in weekly activities like features and memes, which is why I only participate in the ones I really, really enjoy. Concerning both, I don’t necessarily participate every week. I try to only participate when I think I have something interesting to contribute!” Natalie from Mindful Musings

“This is something I’m still struggling with. I think a little experimentation always helps; posting different things until you find something that’s original, and that your readers respond to. But I also think even old concepts can be ‘fresh’ if they are given a new point of view, and meet a new audience.” Penelope from The Reading Fever

“We get together regularly and brainstorm. Some ideas that we come with up end up in the ‘trash bin’ and others that we loved have (fortunately) been incredibly successful, like RAK. Ideas are either hit or miss!” Vanessa and Isalys from Book Soulmates

“I GOOGLE my seemingly new and awesome ideas first to make sure I didn’t subconsciously (or otherwise) pick up something that’s already alive somewhere else. Then I initiate. I’m not really the person to ask for something like this because I basically function in a bubble. On the off chance that I do initiate something new, it’s so far off the beaten path that it’s barely relevant. And that’s how I like it.” Donna from Bites

“There’s a reason why some of the greatest writers in literature were alcoholics. We often get our best ideas after a night of hanging out at a bar and just talking our heads off. It also helps that there are five of us, so we’ve got lots of minds in the mix.” Sarah from Forever Young Adult

“I honestly don’t think a lot about content. I post my reviews and memes and every time I feel like saying something or sharing something I found, I post. I’m not one of those bloggers who thinks about what people would like to read but instead I post what I feel like saying.” Sabrina at YA Bliss

“Sometimes we skype together and have general brainstorming sessions. It is hard to keep content fresh and fun but we try our best!” Sash and Em from Sash and Em a Tale of Two Bookies

“It’s hard to come up with new ideas for the blog but I try to think of things that make me excited and I write about those. Discussion posts are always a good thing, in my opinion, because it encourages everyone to chime in and share their own thoughts. It’s funny how some of my other interests have slowly been influencing my blog posts – like my Shoot That Book feature (where I take pictures of books because I enjoy that kind of thing) or my Postcard Love posts (where I talk about book-related postcards or show snail mail that I’ve received from fellow bloggers).” Chachic from Chachic’s Book Nook


11 responses to “Blogger Confidential: Keeping Content Fresh

  1. Great article. Thanks for all the great tips and pointers. I am still fairly new at blogging and I love getting input and suggestions from other bloggers.

  2. It's a really good question. I struggle with whether or not I should be focusing on my readership and trying to be ground breaking or just writing what I'm passionate about because that's what usually comes out the best. I suppose it's a balancing act.

    Thanks for posting!

    • It is! And it's one that I'm re-evaluating ALL the time. You've got to do what works for you. But, it's easy to get sucked into trying to post stuff that will get you "traffic."

  3. Awesome advice! I like Donna's tip about searching for things on Google before implementing them, to see if they've already been done before. If I had done that before I started my Foreign Cover Friday posts, I would have seen that there is another blogger out there who does something similar, and could have joined her meme. *shrug*

  4. For me, exactly what Sabrina said. I post what I like. I don't really think too much about keeping my content fresh. What I do know is that my content is what I have written. I generally just write reviews and do memes (book haul, WoW), with an occasional interview/guest post once in a blue moon.

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