It’s HERE! The Crimson Crown Trailer

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It’s no secret that The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima is my most highly anticipated release this year. Ever since I finished The Exiled Queen last year, I’ve been on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

So, imagine my delight when I was asked to show you guys the amazing trailer for The Crimson Crown. I can hardly contain myself.

But first! I asked Cinda a few questions about The Seven Realms series, and gleaned a few juicy details about the final novel.

The Crimson Crown is the final novel in the Seven Realms series, at least for Han and Raisa’s story. Is it possible that we’ll ever see any more from this world in a different series?

There are many stories in the Seven Realms, and you’ve read just one–really–long–one. So, yes, I can totally see myself writing more stories in that world.

The Demon King mentions a group called Hanalea’s Maidens. Will we see more of them in the final book?

Raisa’s mistress of the bedchamber, Magret, is a Maiden, of course, and she has a big role to play in the final book.

Each of your books in the Seven Realms series features characters that are so complex in their relationships with each other. How do you keep them all straight and similarly, the relationships between the countries?

Who says I do? (laughing.) It really helps that I spent so much time in that world before I began writing the Seven Realms series. I created the Seven Realms world for an adult high fantasy series I began writing several years ago. The series was called The Star Marked Warder. I’d read the first few Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin, and I wanted to write fantasy characters as layered and complex as his. I’d written 500,000 words in SMW when my Heir Chronicles series sold. After finishing The Heir Chronicles books, I wanted to return to the Seven Realms, and write a story for teens. The published series is a kind of prequel to the events in SMW. The bottom line is, I knew this world, and the characters, very very well before I even began. Not everything the writer knows has to make it onto the page–but it supports what’s there.

As far as geography, maps really help. I drew my own map while writing SMW, which I pulled out when I began writing the Seven Realms series. Every time the characters went to a new place, I’d add it to the map. It’s the only way I can keep from making grievous errors. And when the author makes grievous errors, she gets emails.

Most of the action in the Seven Realms series takes place in the Fells and at Oden’s Ford. But because of events in SMW, I know a lot about the people and history in Arden, Tamron, and even across the Indio in Carthis. I love slipping in references to those places.

Oden’s Ford features a place where students from all over the kingdom can come together and learn in a place neutral from the fighting going on throughout the region. Is Oden’s Ford based on any place in particular? How important was its neutrality and environment to the series? What would you study if you went there?

I love to bring diverse people together in my stories–people with conflicting ideas and world views. It’s so interesting and a great source of conflict and tension. Even better to put them together in a relatively small space and force them to interact. Thus, my Heir Chronicles takes place in a small college town. Oden’s Ford is the same–it’s the only place in the Seven Realms where people from Arden, Tamron, the Fells, Bruinswallow and the rest are forced to interact.

One of the points of Oden’s Ford is that it’s the great leveler. It’s a place where working class students can come, and if they work hard, they can have very different lives than their parents. Being a first-generation college graduate who eventually became a college professor, I’m a great believer in the transformational power of education (and books.)

If I went to Oden’s Ford, of course I’d love to be in the wizard school, but I guess I’d need some natural talent. The Temple School is appealing, because it is art, and music, and literature, and all the things I love.

Do Han, Raisa, and Amon end up happily ever after? Okay, just kidding. Not really, I have to know.

And you will know…soon…

And here’s the the trailer!

Hanalea’s bones that is awesome! One thing I love about these trailers are the original music. And this one is no different, featuring an original song by Roto.

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? As an FYI, if you order from The Learned Owl in Ohio, Cinda will sign your copy!

And check out Cinda’s twitter, facebook page and website! There lots of great stuff about the series and writing tips.


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  1. Can I just say, first off loved the interview because we found out some interesting things. But that trailer… if these novels were an anime, that would seriously be the intro for the fourth season aka The Crimson Crown. WHICH I FREAKING LOVE! It was awesome, different and seriously like I was watching an anime opening!

  2. Anonymous

    This series is on my favorites list along with Harry potter an twilight. I've never waited with such anticipation for a book to be released. Except it will be so disappointing when it's over cuz theres no more boos coming out. I Guess I'll have to imagine what happens next in their lives.

  3. i wonder what happens to han,cat,dancer,micah and rebbeca(raisa)and amon especialy since his father died.But out of all of them i like han.If anything happens to him id be asking, why did have to be him?

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