Cold Nights and Warm Books Holiday Book Swap Sign-Ups

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I love book swaps. Oh so very much. Over the last 3 years, I’ve participated in a few, and have received a bunch of great books. So, this year, I’m teaming up with my very good friend Enna from Squeaky Books to bring you our first ever holiday book swap.

If you have done book swaps before, this one is pretty standard, if not, you can read the instructions below. I want to stress that if you are really strapped for cash, am not sure if you can make it to the post office, or in any other way feeling unsure about participating, you don’t have to. And I’d really hate to see people that send out their packages not get something in return. (I’ve been on the receiving end of that before, and it is a major bummer).

You can sign up by clicking here and filling out the form, or by scrolling down and filling it out below. But here are the rules!

CN&WB Holiday Book Swap Rules:

  • All interested participants must fill out the form by NOVEMBER 22
  • This swap will be secret-Santa style. Participants will be assigned someone to give books to based of the information they provide by NOVEMBER 25.
  • THIS IS A SECRET ASSIGNMENT! Don’t tell your person you are giving them anything until they have received your package (include a card with your name/e-mail them. etc.) or you can keep it a secret forever!
  • All participants must mail their books no later than DECEMBER 10.
  • All participants must provide some form of tracking. Either get delivery confirmation through USPS (this only costs $0.80). or if shipping directly from the store, provide tracking/order confirmation from wherever you purchased it from.
  • The swap is open INTERNATIONAL (To the TBD countries. you can choose which country/countries you want to ship to)
  • After you receive your presents, post about them to show the world!
Does that all make sense? If you have any questions at all you can ask in the comments, e-mail me, or ask in the last box on the form.
Something important to note: I am a moderator and matchmaker in this book swap, I am not a police officer. Enna and I will pair each of you with someone to give to, and someone to be given from. We we also do all we can to make sure that everyone follows through with their commitments. However, we cannot be responsible for people who flake out at the last minute. If this happens we will try to give everyone their fair due, but we can’t promise it. Just be aware of this if you sign up. HOPEFULLY, though, we are all lovely and honest people. Right?
If you’d like to participate, post the button on your blog and sign up below! Or click here to see the form in a new window!

Sign-ups open 11/14-11/22!

Share the swap button!

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