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So, there’s this book coming out next month, perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s called The Archived, and it’s by Victoria Schwab. I’ve read it, and it’s equal parts creepy, sad, and hopeful. I can’t wait to tell you a little more about it in a few weeks when I post my review.

But, in the meantime, I’m going to post a video that Victoria sent along for me to share with you all. This is a part of her Making History blog tour, and I’m so honored to be a part of it. The first video is Victoria introducing the tour. The second video was recorded by her mum.

I really hope you will watch the video. Victoria’s mum shares a beautiful memory of her father and coming to America. (Okay, I’ll admit that it made me a little teary) And! I have a little bit of Archived swag for one lucky winner. See the rafflecopter below for details on how to enter.

Introduction to MAKING HISTORY:


And, in the spirit of sharing memories, I’m going to share one of mine. Here’s how I met my husband.

The summer of 2007 was a…tumultuous one. I had my engagement broken off a month before the wedding was supposed to take place (read: I was dumped). I had gotten fired from a job that I hated, and I just could not seem to figure out what I was doing with school. Honestly, I was barely treading water. I had a couple good friends that I spent a lot of time that kind of pulled me through things. I had a few flings with some guys, and tried dating this guy that I had a major crush on in high school (that relationship crumpled faster than a cheap piece of paper). So, by the time Fall semester 2007 rolled around, I was ready to make some changes.

I decided to serve an 18-month mission for my church. This wasn’t something I had ever considered doing, but I felt like it was what I needed to do. So, I filled out the paperwork, told my parents, and waited to hear where I was going to be sent. Literally days after I submitted my paperwork, I was at my most-recent ex-boyfriend’s apartment (the high school crush), and met his new roommate. He was also a friend from high school, though I didn’t know him as well. I remembered him as shy, very nice, and a little bit dorky. After a little conversation at a mutual friend’s wedding, he asked me out on a date. I said yes, but that I was planning on being gone for the next 18 months so not to get too attached.

Well, we went out on that date. And from the moment it ended I knew I was in trouble. This guy was everything that my ex-fiance was not. It’s one of those things where you had no idea what you were missing until you have it and then you know you can never let it go. And, I guess he felt the same way, because he asked me out again, and again.

About 2 weeks later, I get my mission assignment. By this point, we are seriously casually dating (yeah, I don’t really know what that means either). And, he is in the room with me when I open the letter that tells me where I’ll be for the next year and a half. And it’s to Milan, Italy. And I know that I’m going. Because a year and a half in Italy is not something you give up for a boy.

But, well, as another week passes, I just can’t stomach the idea of leaving him behind. I’ve waited for a relationship like this. And if I leave, there is a very good chance he’ll find someone else. And I can’t let that happen.

So, one night, while sitting in his car, I ask him what I should do. He, as is his nature, responds that it’s really my choice. In response, I let him know that yes, it is my choice, but what does he want? If I stay, he has to marry me. Because otherwise, I’m 0-2 on engagements and this time I’ve given up Milan. So, he looks into my eyes, and says, “Stay, I want to marry you.”

So, 6 weeks later, we were.

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11 responses to “Making History: The Archived by Victoria Schwab Blog Tour

  1. Christina K.

    That's a lovely video! So emotional, I'm so happy she shared it with us:)Thank you:)

    I also loved your engagement story!! Very hopeful:)

    My memory is when I went on a trip with my grandmother, on our own, and instead of doing the usual structured touristy things we just decided things spur of the moment and had a wonderful time:)

  2. WOW. Emily! Yours is such a beautiful engagement story! And Victoria's mum… You guys give romantic pessimists hope!! (Of which I am NOT one… I have a wonderful "I married my high school sweetheart" story.) 😉

  3. My memory is living on a slow road and playing the car game with my grandma. Which was guessing what color car would come next.

    I love your memory, and the video.

  4. My memory is how me and my boyfriend got together. We both became Greek in college and ended up haning out alot because of our organizations. One day he took a summer trip to Vegas with two mutual friends. I had told one of them that I had a crush on him but he wasn't supposed to say anything because I thought he liked my best friend. Well, our mutual friend ended up getting drunk and telling him "Man what you doin? Nikki likes you but you tryna talk to her best friend!" Needless to say, he was talking to my best friend about me lol finally he just called me and we talked and he asked me out lol

  5. Oh my gosh, both your memories are beautiful.

    My memory… I remember my aunt keeping me up late so we could go into her front garden late at night and hunt for snails. It wasn't a terribly big event, but it was so much fun. She was the cool, nature-loving aunt.

  6. Oh, Emily I loved the story of your engagement. You always seem to share beautiful stories on your blog, I think they'd make a great inspirational book about how things can get better.

  7. Victoria's mum's memory was so heartbreaking and beautiful. It almost made me cry. It made me remember my dog, who died about three weeks ago, and how much my family and I miss her.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    These Making History videos are so incredible. <3

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