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My top 11 horror novels for Halloween

My top 11 horror novels for ..

  Are you excited for Halloween? I have to admit that I’m a little lukewarm about dressing up, but I absolutely love this time of year. One of the things I love best about Halloween is the great films and movies that center around horror. Now, I’m a bit squeamish about horror movies, but I have to admit that I am CRAZY about horror novels. That’s why I’ve brought you some of my absolute favorite horror novels for this time of year. But, before we get to that . . . I just started regularly getting on Periscope. If you don’t know what Periscope is, you need to check it out. Basically, it’s a way to live-stream video. The video lasts for 24 hours on your profile, but you can […]

Posted October 30, 2015
Book blogging slumps and #BookBloggerChat

Book blogging slumps and #Bo..

Yesterday, Mishma from Chasing Faery Tales wrote a post titled, “Are We Going Through the Great Blogging Depression???” and it sparked a conversation on Twitter. Now, I’ve written about people ducking out of book blogging before. But this time, the conversation seemed to be different. Rather than talking about why people leave or get bored of book blogging, the conversation centered around how to stay interested. @chasingfaes @DailyJulianne @Kris10MFAF @booksandwine I think some major changes are coming to book blogging. — Aneeqah N. (@hianeeqah) October 22, 2015 These tweets got me thinking about the changes I have brewing on my own blog. It seems like the way I used to blog before isn’t working for me. @Kris10MFAF I feel like post sharing is the new commenting. @hianeeqah @booksandwine @chasingfaes @DailyJulianne […]

Posted October 23, 2015
You won’t be blogging in five years

You won’t be blogging ..

If you’re reading this now and you’re currently blogging, chances are that within the next five years, you won’t be anymore. I started my blog six years ago on June 1, 2009. I started it because I had recently finished The Hunger Games, and it rekindled my love of reading. I got a library card and a stack of books and I started reading again. Even though I was married and had a job, I wanted something else to do. Since my reading memory is pretty much non-existent, I thought starting a reading blog would help me remember what I was reading, and give recommendations to family and friends who were looking for their next read. I thought I was so clever and smart for coming up with this idea. […]

Posted September 10, 2015
5 Required Reads that Don’t Suck

5 Required Reads that Don..

Going into an undergraduate English program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got a pretty heavy dose of reality when, during my first semester, I was in a class of freshman students (all about 10 years younger than me) just out of their AP English classes. Turns out, I was completely behind in the “required reading” category, and I didn’t have a clue how to analyze a text. Seriously, I was supposed to remember how to close read a poem when the last time I did that was in 9th grade, almost 15 years ago. But, after my initial shock, I started to get into a reading groove, and I found quite a few gems that either I’d missed during my high school reading years, or books that I […]

Posted August 21, 2015

When Authors Get Political: ..

I have very much appreciated everyone’s comments and great discussion on the survey results from Wednesday’s post. As promised, here are my thoughts on the subject in general for those who are interested. You can also check out Maggie Stiefvater’s post. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was in concert band. Like many kids my age, I felt awkward, ugly, unsure of myself, and eager to prove myself. I had a teacher that didn’t care a bit about actually teaching and rarely held structured class. During one of these such classes, a couple friends and I got into a heated discussion about some current events (this was during the invasion into Iraq, so I’ll let you put together the pieces of when and how that discussion went). […]

Posted August 10, 2012
When Authors Get Political: Survey Results

When Authors Get Political: ..

This is a topic that has the potential to get heated, so I hope that we can all respect everyone’s beliefs and have a rational discussion. I created a short survey and put it out on twitter. I asked 4 questions, and a open-end response question. Here are the results from this (unscientific and non-random sample of people I follow and that RT’d me). I had 102 responses (thanks to everyone who contributed!) I know that this post is incredibly long, but I wanted to give a good overview of how people think. You might be surprised by the results. I have not added my thoughts or opinions on this issue to this post. However, I will post them on Friday in a separate post (found here). How would you […]

Posted August 8, 2012