About Me

About Me:

I’m Emily and I started this blog to share my love of children’s and young adult fiction with my community.

I’ve always been an avid reader. During elementary school I often got reprimanded for reading a book under my desk when I was supposed to be doing math. Now that I’m older, I get in trouble for reading when I’m supposed to be doing dishes….

I graduated with a degree in English from Brigham Young University. I currently work in marketing and communications in the healthcare industry.  I’m also a bit of a techno geek. I enjoy building computers and playing on them.

I was married in December 2007 to my wonderful husband. We are currently living in Payson, UT where we both grew up. We have one child, a beautiful daughter named Abigail (named after Abigail Adams after I read John Adams by David McCullough and loved it!) born in March 2010.

Kylie Comfoltey

My name is Kylie and I could not be more excited to be a contributing blogger on Emily’s Reading Room! I’ve been following Emily’s blog since she started it and check her reviews before I read anything new. This is my go-to source for good reads and, hey, it’s yours too! We already have something in common!

I am a huge fan of YA fiction. I didn’t get into reading until I found myself 6 months pregnant in a new city, bored out of my mind having quit my previous job, powering through all 9 seasons of Seinfeld and ready for something new. Unpacking, I found my husband’s Harry Potter collection and thought, why not? That’s when I discovered my love of reading! There you have it, people: J.K. Rowling changes lives.

In 2002 I earned my BA in Marketing Communications from BYU and now live in the Bay Area working primarily as a mother to my two awesome daughters, supporter of my crazy Canadian husband and a freelance writer with multiple blogs/websites under my belt.

I love chocolate, mandarin oranges and funny TV. I’m short and overly pale, but I make up for it with my sparkling personality and natural charm. I’d tell you more, but I need to get back to reading. I mean work.

About the blog:

Emily’s Reading Room was started in June 2009 as a way for me to give book recommendations to the many people who asked me for them.

This blog’s focus is young adult fiction of all kinds.  I feature up and coming books, authors, and the occasional post about the culture of reading.

I have a strange affinity to signed books, and am rapidly amassing a large collection of them. I especially love meeting authors and interviewing them.

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